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Papico provides a sustainable marketplace to find innovative solutions for successful growth

Papico is a strong paper agency company. We represent excellent paper mills who continually develop a wide range of quality, environmentally friendly products for today’s market.

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Sell Paper

At Papico we know how important it is for Mills like yours, to get their products to the right market. We can help you do just that and more.

Buy Paper

As your paper buying partner, Papico is here to keep you at the forefront of product knowledge, development and more.

Use Paper

At Papico we understand how critical it is for users of paper to have exactly the right material for their application.

Did you know?

  • The paper industry only directly uses 13% of the world’s wood harvest, with 50% used for energy and 28% for construction. 13% 13%
  • The European recycling rate for paper reached 72% in 2014 – that amounts to 2 tonnes of paper being recycled every second! 72% 72%
  • Natural forest accounts for 93% of the world’s forest area, with planted forest occupying just 7%. 93% 93%
  • 84% of raw materials come from Europe. 84% 84%
  • The Pulp, Paper and Print sector is one of the lowest emitters of greenhouse gasses, accounting for just 1% globally. 1% 1%

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