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Helping you sell your product

At Papico we know how important relationships are. We are a paper partner who can help you reach new markets.

Do you want to work with more established UK partners ?

Papico has a wide network of contacts within the Industry built over 40 years.

Do you want to focus on key products ?

We take care to Identify mills’ core products and respective markets.

Do you want to widen UK sales outside your core market?

With our contacts and Industry experience we can research potential new market areas.

At Papico we know how important it is for Mills, like yours, to get their products to the right market. We have a wealth of experience in the paper industry doing just that and have built long lasting relationships with many mills, large & small, over the years.

For over 40 years we have built an extensive network of contacts within the paper industry and we pride ourselves on our working relationship with a wide range of Merchants, Users and Converters. Our experience of working with Mills and our detailed knowledge of the markets means we can help you to focus on the key marketable products that will benefit your business and help you to improve your profit margins. We don’t need to stop there, with our product and market knowledge we can help you to widen your UK sales outside of your core sectors and open up interesting new opportunities.

Don’t wait, get in touch with us and lets start something new.