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HH Pegg and Peggs Limited join Papico Limited

Paul Johnston-Knight

Paul Johnston-Knight

Managing Director

Papico Limited purchases HH Pegg and Peggs Limited


Allerton Bywater, Monday 8th Feb 2021: Paul Johnston-Knight of Papico Limited signed the documents to purchase Peggs Limited, and its wholly owned subsidiary HH Pegg, from the former shareholders including Keith Spiers, former Managing Director.

“This concludes a journey over the last couple of years where we have been working more closely with fellow paper agent, Keith Spiers, to take advantage of our complementary locations, supply base and product portfolios. We began working actively together a year ago, just before the Coronavirus pandemic struck the UK. This timing seemed challenging at first but has actually proved what a beneficial partnership this will be. I am delighted to welcome Keith onto the Papico board as a Director – I look forward to a long and fruitful working relationship following this announcement.”

Since working together Papico & Peggs have been able to further grow sales for both sets of existing mills and to widen the scope of their respective offering to customers. As it was such a lean operation, it soon became clear that bringing the Peggs brand and mills within the Papico parent company would be the most sensible course of action. Working together has enabled the companies to reduce costs and increase sales, even during an unprecedented global downturn. This trend bodes very well for a bright future in this paper agency business going forward. Additionally the companies have been able to attract 2 new papermill partnerships to widen the portfolio during 2020.

 Papico Limited is now the most diverse and well represented paper agency in the UK, offering varied high quality products from sustainable international suppliers to merchants and direct customers throughout the UK and Irish markets. Representing more than a dozen independent papermills, Papico enjoys strong support from principals across the EU and further afield – heavily involved in the growing paper packaging sector as well as more traditional graphical and speciality print substrates.  This move strengthens and expands Papico’s already significant reach across the UK & Ireland. It deepens contact with customers – both distributors and convertors – as well as widening the offering which we can make to papermills looking to access these markets – especially now post-Brexit.

More information regarding the combined business and our products can be found at our website, www.papico.co.uk

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